Our History

The Persimmon Place operates from the site of the original Waddell’s Orchard – the family that still owns and operates the Persimmon business today.

Waddell’s Orchard has existed since 1889 when it was established as a citrus growing orchard.

In time, Ron Waddell predicted a downturn in the marketability of citrus and took steps to diversify. He and his sons made the necessary changes that resulted in Waddell’s being widely known for their quality stonefruit.

Again in the 1990’s market conditions and pest concerns brought about more diversification. Persimmons were introduced to the property based on their resilience and autumn cropping. A trial block was established and research into the most suitable varieties began.

The orchard went under further transformation when the once 56 acre property, gradually reduced in size to the 10 acres that it occupies today.

There are currently 10 varieties represented at the Persimmon Place. Eight on the main property and two additional varieties on the neighbouring leased orchards.

The three properties that contribute to The Persimmon Place business today are Waddell’s Orchard, Norquay Farm, (William Norquay Waddell’s property), and Cranston’s Orchard.

Only for the foresight of these pioneering families, sustainable agriculture has continued in such close proximity to the city.