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Yang Fang


A relatively new sweet variety of hard Persimmon. Introduced last year this variety offers an early crop that begins in April. The fruit is large, sweet and a brilliant deep orange in colour. The skin is a little thicker than a Fuyu but this variety has great lasting potential. Expect it to be available for […]



Probably the most popular sweet Persimmon. Typically eaten firm like an Apple or a little soft depending on preference. Best when orange colour developed all over. Mostly round although some evidence of quarter segmenting is common. Usually seedless but occasionally seeds will appear. Available throughout May and early June.



Ich-Ki-Kei Jiro (or just Jiro) The earliest of our sweet varieties. Best eaten firm and crisp like an apple. Especially when orange in colour all over. Fruit is quite round and flat a bit like a tomato. Eat whole or slice into salads, cereals and cheeseplates. Available early April.



Astringent when first picked. Similar in shape to a Nightingale (Hachiya) but traditionally smaller and a more pronounced point. Orange to deep red in colour and comparable to Nightingale in flavour and sweetness. Available late in the season often around the end of May. More susceptible to black rings or marks on the skin which […]



Familiar to many of the older generation, Yemen are a flat “bun” shaped original Astringent variety. Usually colour-picked throughout the Autumn season. This variety is then allowed to ripen to a soft jelly like texture and then chilled. Usually available in trays with a range of sizes.



Astringent, (original), variety. Picked firm but unable to be eaten until soft. Acorn shape and yellower in colour than most other varieties. Flesh goes a pulp or jelly like texture and becomes very sweet. Tanenashi is often the first variety to appear on the seen early to mid March.

Nightingale (Hichiya)


The most popular astringent (original) variety. A deeper orange to red colour that Tanenashi but still with a similar “acorn” shape. This fruit is often quite large and is best eaten after the full conversion of its tannin to what is eventually the sweetest variety of them all. When almost at breaking point the jelly […]

About The Persimmon Place

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The Persimmon Place is an orchard business specialising in the growing, marketing and sales of several varieties of Persimmons. The orchard is located within the Hills District approximately 45 minutes drive north west of Sydney. The orchard is divided into various blocks over an area of approximately 8 hectares. The primary orchard is open to […]